Admissions Policy

This policy should be read in conjunction with the booklet ‘Primary Education in Essex’ produced annually by Essex County Council and available from LA, Planning and Admissions Department, Tel: 0845 603 2200.  Copies of the ‘Primary Education in Essex’ booklet can also be obtained from the School Office.  Essex has introduced a coordinated admissions scheme and you must apply on the Common Application Form for Essex Schools. (
Admission of Pupils
  • The maximum number of pupils admitted to each Year Group (PAN – Published Admission Number) will be:
60 children in Key Stage 1 (Reception to Year 2)
60 children in Key Stage 2 (Year 3 to Year 6)
  • For entry into Reception an application should be made to the LA in the previous academic year. The closing date for applications is published in the ‘Primary Education in Essex’ booklet available every October from Planning and Admissions. Applications after that date will only be considered after those that were made by the closing date.
  • For entry into other year groups an application should be made to the Local Authority. If there are more applications than places available, the over-subscription criteria, below, will be applied to decide between applications. If the appropriate year group is at or above the admission number of 60 then the application will be refused.
Over –Subscription
In the event of over-subscription, places will be allocated using the following criteria in the order given:
1. Looked After Children and previously looked after children (as defined in Primary Education in Essex booklet).
2. Children with a sibling* attending the School.
3. Children living in the priority admission area.
4. Remaining applications
In the event of over subscription within any of the above criteria, priority will be determined by the straight-line distance from home to school, those living closest being given the highest priority.
Exceptional medical circumstances, supported by medical evidence, may override the above.
(Other than Looked After Children and previously looked after children).


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